Isola dei Nuraghi – IGP


Produced of 80% Cannonau and Sangiovese carefully selected hand-picked grapes, blended with Cagnulari and Syrah. This red wine has a modern taste, a distinctive fruity scent and a delicate spicy aroma with hints of wild berries and notes of vanilla.

Best served at 16-18 °C  with cured meats and braised meat.

Classification:  IGP “Isola dei Nuraghi”

Origin: area of  Benetutti, 60 quintals per hectare

Grapes: Cannonau 60% – Sangiovese 20% – Syrah 10 % – Cagnulari 10%

Climate: Mediterranean climate, average rainfall rates in Spring and Autumn. Long summers, warm breezy, extreme temperature changes.

Harvest: Manual Traditional

Winemaking: Classic red vinification, marc maceration 10 days.

Maturation: In wine cellar 8 months.

Colour: Pale ruby, limpid

Nose: Generous fruit of undergrowth, vinous bouquet.

Taste: Full and structured elegant persistence.

Storage: Constant temperature 16 °C, humidity 75%, controlled light, horizontal bottle.

Service: wine glass of medium height without flares, temperature 16 °C.

Wine and food pairings: light first courses, risotto with seafood, fish in sauce and roasted,Sardinian Pecorino cheese DOP, pasta dishes, sausages and stews.

Burghera Isola dei Nuraghi IGT, Cantina Arvisionadu, Benetutti